Services and Fees


We offer two ways to work with our fee-only advisors.

Hourly Planning

For clients interested in an interactive process in which we work together to develop a plan to achieve your short and long term life goals, planning by the hour for a project or a set of specific questions is our most common service and the best place for new clients to start. Your particular goals and concerns will be addressed and strategies developed to meet your needs. Please see our full list of areas of expertise here.

The hourly rate is $260. Payment is due at the close of each meeting and appointments range from one to two hours. The overall initial cost depends greatly on the degree of complexity of your finances. We recommend that hourly clients check in for annual reviews of their finances, as recommendations will change given changing life circumstances as well as changes in the economy and stock markets.

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Investment Management


For clients looking for comprehensive financial planning and supervision of their investments, the firm offers a retainer relationship. For an simple annual fee calculated on total assets under management, clients receive comprehensive planning, investment management and tax preparation.


Comprehensive planning involves reviewing client’s retirement preparation, cash flow, assets and liabilities, college planning, investments, insurance needs, estate planning, planned giving, and taxes.


Investment management consists of the creation of customized investment portfolios appropriate to your personal life circumstances and risk tolerance. Careful research is conducted to select mutual funds that have a strong long-term performance, exceptional fund managers and low operating expenses. Index and actively managed stock and bond mutual funds, exchange traded funds and individual stocks and bonds are included in client portfolios.

Fees are a fixed amount paid quarterly, and range from 0.5%-0.9% based on total portfolio value. This is not a performance based fee. Please see our ADV for our fee schedule. Peace of Money charges no additional fees or receives any types of commissions or sales fees.

fee only financial planning north shore, fee only financial planning newburyport, cfp newburyport

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