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      TI的4通道,14位,105MSPS 模數轉換器IC ADS6444IRGCT
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      TI 主頁 > 半導體 > 數據轉換器 > 模數轉換器 > 高速 ADC (>10MSPS) >
      4-channel, 14-bit, 105MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter
      4通道,14位,105MSPS 模數轉換器IC ADS6444IRGCT

      4通道,14位,105MSPS 模數轉換器IC ADS6444IRGCT的說明
      The ADS6445/ADS6444/ADS6443/ADS6442 (ADS644X) is a family of high performance 14-bit 125/105/80/65 MSPS quad channel A-D converters. Serial LVDS data outputs reduce the number of interface lines, resulting in a compact 64-pin QFN package (9 mm × 9 mm) that allows for high system integration density. The device includes 3.5dB coarse gain option that can be used to improve SFDR performance with little degradation in SNR. In addition to the coarse gain, fine gain options also exist, programmable in 1dB steps up to 6dB.

      The output interface is 2-wire, where each ADC data is serialized and output over two LVDS pairs. This makes it possible to halve the serial data rate (compared to a 1-wire interface) and restrict it to less than 1Gbps easing receiver design.

      4通道,14位,105MSPS 模數轉換器IC ADS6444IRGCT的特性
      Maximum Sample Rate: 125 MSPS
      14-Bit Resolution with No Missing Codes
      Simultaneous Sample and Hold
      3.5dB Coarse Gain and up to 6dB Programmable Fine Gain for SFDR/SNR Trade-Off
      Serialized LVDS Outputs with Programmable Internal Termination Option
      Supports Sine, LVCMOS, LVPECL, LVDS Clock Inputs and Amplitude down to 400 mVPP
      Internal Reference with External Reference Support
      No External Decoupling Required for References
      3.3-V Analog and Digital Supply
      64 QFN Package (9 mm × 9 mm)
      Pin Compatible 12-Bit Family (ADS642X - SLAS532A)
      Feature Compatible Dual Channel Family (ADS624X - SLAS542A, ADS644X - SLAS543A)

      Base-Station IF Receivers
      Diversity Receivers
      Medical Imaging
      Test Equipment
      4通道,14位,105MSPS 模數轉換器IC ADS6444IRGCT的應用
        基站 IF 接收器
      TI的4通道,14位,105MSPS 模數轉換器IC ADS6444IRGCT
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